Featured Foundry – DS Type

As graphic designers, we use fonts everyday. They are an essential part of our work. We need them to assist us in communicating the right message through a visual design. Seldom we stop to think who is behind these fonts. Seldom we think that there are people who dedicate all their time and effort to designing every little detail of these typefaces, that are then packaged and shared for us to use. So with this thought in mind, I’ll be digging for studios dedicated to type design with the objective of learning a bit more about those hardworking type designers behind fonts we use. And I’m not talking about old time type designers, but today, now, as we speak….someone wakes up everyday, goes to work and spends endless hours perfecting type for our enjoyment.

DS Type is a foundry out of Matosinhos, in Portugal. It was founded in 1994 by Dino dos Santos. Their fonts have been used in publications like The New york Times, USA Today, Le Figaro, Newsweek and Print. For their reinterpretation of the work of Portuguese caligrapher Joaquim José Ventura de Silva (1777-1849), they have received both a “Certificate of Excellence in Type Design by” the Type Directors Club of New york and the Creative Review “Type Design Award”.

Ventura Regular:


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