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A little help integrating typefaces

“Combining Typefaces” is a pocket guide written by designer, writer and speaker Tim Brown. Tim Brown is currently Type Manager for Adobe Typekit, a curator for A List Apart, and the author of NIce Web Type.

This pocket guide offers strategic advice to help you pick the right combination of typefaces for your projects, based on your design objectives. The best part: That’s concise and straight to the point, so you’ll learn just the essentials in no time.

“Combining Typefaces” is one of five of the second collection of Pocket Guide Series published by Uk based Five Simple Steps, an independent publisher specialized in practical design books for web professionals.


Port typeface from Portugal

Port is a display typeface that combines straight lines with curvy decorative calligraphic lines. Inspired by Bodoni, Didot and calligraphy, the result is a gorgeous and elegant type.

The collection includes a wide arrange of alternative characters, which allows for multiple combinations. The set contains Port Regular, Port Regular Decorated, Port Medium and Port Medium Regular. Port Ornaments contains some decorative elements to be used in combination with typography.

This beautiful typeface has been created by young designer Joao Oliveira from Porto, Portugal. He stresses that it should be used in big sizes and with anti-aliasing set to strong.




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